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Romaji Title: So In Vain
Kanji Title: So In Vain
English Title: So In Vain

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Juve
Music : Tameoka Sonomi

On a night alone, I am thinking about you
In my room, I was passing time differently
You had left behind a stain and traces of lies
You left me, in the pitiful darkness

Depression and difficulty
With a "For starters..."
Mourning "This is the prime of my life..."
Even if I get hurt...

Telling me of your lies
Was the last kindness you did me
You were silent, pretending to be hurt
Even now, I remember your last bit of cunning

On a night alone, there's something I'm searching for
Always, in my room, there's a song I could hear
You left behind a meagre voice
You left me, in the quiet darkness

The only one who changed was me
I thought this, but still
The futileness that I realized I won't change
And the loneliness that I drag along with me, now these are all that is left over

The disappointment of love and it's importance
Waking up to "that time..."
When I calm down with "one more time"
Even if I get hurt...

I was dependent on the lies of you, who permitted yourself
To have a bad attitude on purpose, the lonely shackles
Of my cowardly self

Your lies were the last kindness
That you did me
I let you pretend like you were hurt
Even now, I won't forget your last bit of cunning

I ran away from you pretending to be hurt
Traces of fake tears are left over, even now

I feel like I miss you
Your song remains the same
I can't be without you

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