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Bennie K

Romaji Title: Sky
Kanji Title: Sky
English Title: Sky

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : BENNIE K & SiZK

It starts to move, in a small corner of the city that I'm well aquainted with
I was always looking up to the sky that was soaked with hesitation
Cause I realized that nothing ever turns out right
I just cried for all these times, but I always
Want to smile, even if it doesn't get through to anyone

So just leave me alone, instead of strangling me
Even if I'm looked at with cold eyes
I don't care about it, by following through
I should be better than I was yesterday, yeah, hell yeah

Hold me tight!
When my saying or act ain't right
My insecurity easily eat me alive
Like the time I said "just leave my life"
So close to me that you touch my limits
I swing over toward my selfish feelings, and extend my antenna
Can you see the essential things?
Yes, the difficult things are everything that has to do with tomorrow
Yelling out "I hate you!", I restrainted the part of me that got close to you
Actions, thoughts, as I search for those things, my real sound is useless
To deny pride, I can't stand up
Though this hard time you'd be my side
It's as though my hands that are up in the air are grasping the clouds
It sounds out, even in the sky it happens again
But still I say

Now just leave me alone, my heart has it's inconsistencies
They eat into my body
But now get out from my heart
I don't want to reset myself anymore
There's no refuge, my anger and sadness
Appear as though it's an inevitable thing
If there is no way to solve, if I have to fight
I'm here right now, instead of tomorrow

Put you hands up in a count of tree
All my girl say what!! 123
(What) ever come I ma make it through
So bring it on! Feel me now?
Bring it all on! Feel me now!!
My boys you know what to do
Let me hear you say yeah!! 123
(Yeah) I know now and I will make the change
Fill me now with DJ HI-KICK!!!!

So just leave me alone, instead of strangling me
People are all a little bit different
I don't care about it, I don't want to
Reset myself anymore
There's no refuge, my anger and sadness expode together with my voice
Developing the skill to break down a solid wall just by hitting it, the boundary line expands

Just leave me alone, saying that I want to fly in the sky
Even if you laugh at that
Get out from my way, I couldn't say it because I was afraid
I should be better than I was yesterday

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