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Sukima Switch

Romaji Title: fuyu no kuchibue
Kanji Title: 冬の口笛
English Title: Winter Whistle

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Lyrics & Music : Sukima Switch

Isn't that angry experssion on your face a little bit childish?
I'm not going to get upset about it like I used to a long time ago
I can be kind and gentle with a feeling called happiness
Even if the day is so cold that you hide yourself against me

I had fun when my breathe was lit up white, like the fog
Those actions sprinkle themselves over me this year too

The tone that sounds out is a winter whistle
Let's warm ourselves uninterrupted, together

I can't really say "be quiet and come with me"
But I want it to be the kind of thing where we're walking at the same pace

It's hard to believe that it's something that is shapeless
But when you were here, I won going up against the cold wintery wind

Shoulder to shoulder, we're not cold beneath the blossoming Kuchinashi trees
I softly take hold of your hand

Don't melt away like the fleeting winter, don't dissipate
Our season will continue on from here

The tone that sounds out is a winter whistle
Let's grow up uninterrupted, together

Connected to one another, our hearts are warm
Miracles lie thick and gathered together
Let's get them all, so they wont' spill
From here on out, it's the two of us forever...

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