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Shimatani Hitomi

Romaji Title: genki wo dashite
Kanji Title: 元気を出して
English Title: Cheer Up

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Takeuchi Mariya

This is a cover of a song originally written and performed by Takeuchi Mariya in 1988.

You, who are so strong, won't show me your tears
Who is it who makes you that sad?

Stop clinging to
A love that is over with
You should start over again from the beginning

If you feel like you want to be happy
Then finding tomorrow is very easy

When you go out into the city looking for clothes to suit your body
That has gotten thinner, everyone turns their heads

A number of chances should come your way
Just realize that he's no man

Your little mistake
Will one day change into a memory
You walked up the stairs to adulthood one at a time

Life isn't as bad as you think
Hurry and cheer up, show me your smile

la la la...

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