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Romaji Title: Song With No Name ~namae no nai uta~
Kanji Title: Song With No Name~名前のない歌~
English Title: Song With No Name

English CreditsKanji Credits
作詞:Takeshi Aida
作曲:Yoko Kuzuya

Our lips part, and the melody of a song with no name
Disappears into the evening sky
I remembered someone who is important to me
Who secretly gave me pieces of courage

A Song For You
A Song For Me
I can faintly hear it

A Song For Her
A Song For Him
One day someone will

A Song For Boys
A Song For Girls
Turn around and see this scene

A Song For Friends
A Song For Lovers
And feel it in their heart

I want to wrap you up in kind words
The melody is born, and then it disappears
It was medicine to cure me of a love that hurt me
It was a lullaby on sleepless nights

A Song For Dreams
A Song For Tears
Wandering about through the ages

A Song For Winds
A Song For Rain
It shines in the night sky

A Song For Stars
A Song For Flowers
In a corner of my memories

A Song For Cry
A Song For Smile
I'll sing it in my heart

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