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Romaji Title: ikigai
Kanji Title: 生きがい
English Title: Reason to Live

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : TAKURO

When I look back on the mistakes that I won't be forgiven for
No matter what happens, I miss those days that I look back to
Fate is my main impulse
There was I grieved for those I met

Rushing recklessly into a person's heart
Here is where I plunged in the sword, that I return to you

If speaking is difficult, then stop doing it
I want you to show me a smile like you're joking, in the name of love

In the eyes of children that know no fatigue, love is advocated
I hold fast, and with importance, to the irreplaceable
Things that you have given me, especially those...
Having bloomed from living in those days gives me a reason to live

The warmth that your white chest has given to me, has made me too lonely for some reason

While I realize that hating to love is
Basically the same as the materials that I make...

On these brilliant streets, I now suppress the urge to cry, but
It's like you're making myself a martyr for people's desires
If someone doesn't say "take a break already"
Your high-strung heart won't be able to be cured

I'm alone, I really don't have any words to pray to god, who I should be praying to
No matter where I go, no matter how far I go
Will I ever understand the meaning of your words?
Will I be able to find the meaning?

I who am worn out, now think about the day that death will come to me, yet
Today I cry out for your heart to be healed
This world of people who haven't matured will be a comedy
Until life rusts away

That's the way history was, so that's how that person was
I'm obsessed with an apparition called happiness, and my sadness repeats itself
That day gave me a child's first cry on this earth, and from that time on I've been searching
For the location of a lost heart, and a figure that I should have been made to forget about
I'll always continue to ask in my heart, I'll always continue to ask

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