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Romaji Title: [reila]
Kanji Title: [reila]
English Title: [reila]

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Ruki
Music : Ooyamato itan geisha no minna sama (All of the Ooyamato Heretic Geishas)

How many wounds have we born since the time that we met?
How much have we supported one another?
I wanted you to tell me when you were
In pain, more than anyone else
The truth is burned into your eyes; motionless and in silence, what are you thinking?
I don't need a reason, just give me back the you that is mine

Just how much in pain are you, who has become nothing
Than me, who was left behind?
Even though nothing is beginning
Even though I'm not saying these words to you
Where have you gone?

Reila, Reila, wow, Reila, Reila...
Even if I try and call out your name
This voice does not reach you...
Reila, Reila, wow, Reila, Reila...
Open your eyes, laugh out that it's a lie, and show me...

Where shall I go tomorrow, if I want you
I can go anywhere

You're always like this, you always go to
The place that I think you will
I'm still left behind, I run by myself
It still can't reach you, I still can't reach you
Even though I've met you at last
All of the things that I've been so patient with have overflowed
They've become tears and overflowed

Reila, Reila, wow, Reila, Reila...
The words that I couldn't say
Reila, Reila, wow, Reila, Reila...
Now, I sing to you here
Reila, Reila, wow, Reila, Reila...
I love you more than anyone else
Reila, Reila, wow, Reila, Reila...
I love you. I love you...

The room that we were in together is still the same as it was then
It's as though you could come back to it at any time
Without putting in the key
I'm always waiting for you, you know that
Even now, I can see you opening the door
I will if you'll come back home tomorrow

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