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Romaji Title: jinsei ni kanpai wo!
Kanji Title: 人生に乾杯を!
English Title: Here's to Life!

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nakayama Uzuki


The time to say goodbye is near
Holding onto the sun, as though casting off our skins
We exchange cups in this city, that we're tired of looking at
Winners, losers
There are all sorts of different kind of people

Boring differentations and inferiority complexes
We're a mess with those things, but the days when we walked places
Yeah, weren't we regular Tom Sawyers
Rowing into the infinite neon

Ah, before we know it, the days are passing by like clouds
Flying like the wind, like the birds

Let's toast to you, let's toast to you, let's toast to you
Drinking to our confusion, it would be nice to get drunk one more time
There comes to time for everyone to shoulder the
Grief, loneliness, and pain of goodbye, you get used to it in life

Do you remember back then?
Counting the morning sunrises with pure red eyes
We swore revenge, and that no one would be able to say that
It was impossible, we've got those looks on our faces still

Ah, standing still in the sea breeze, with the vast ocean before my eyes
Etching this mirage into my mind, without casting down my eyes

Let's toast together, let's togast together, let's toast together
Youth floats up into bubbles, and then pops
We won't forget today, and we'll all hold onto it in our own ways
We who are strong, have life in our hands

Let's toast to the end, let's toast to the end, let's toast to the end
I wonder if tonight I can talk about the things that I've hid in my heart
Sometimes we scream at each other, celebrate, and compete against one another
There's even a little betrayl; life is a mix of all those things

Let's definitely toast, let's definitely toast, let's definitely toast
The next time we meet, let's point our fingers at each other and joke around
One day on the way home in the sunset
We'll look back down on our roads in the radiance, here's to life

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