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Otsuka Ai

Romaji Title: tsukune 70 en
Kanji Title: つくね70円
English Title: Tsukune for 70 Yen

English CreditsKanji Credits

Tsukune is a chicken or fish meatloaf made with egg. These lyrics were actually not printed in the lyrics booklet that this song was featured as a b-side on (the "kuroge wagyuu jou shiotan yaki 680 en" single), because of their questionable subject matter. Ootsuka Ai claims that she's talking about food...but is she really? After all, does anyone but her really know what she's singing in those overly-distorted vocal parts after the intro?

kuchi no naka ni haireba
hirogaru aji ni hamatte shimau
ichi do tabetara mou tomaranai yo

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