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Romaji Title: Metamorphose
Kanji Title: Metamorphose
English Title: Metamorphose

English CreditsKanji Credits
Composed by Chachamaru Lyrics by You Composed by Chachamaru Lyrics by You

I kept searching...with my shaking arms
I want find a piece of a dream one more time

I kept the darkness with no way out
I searched for the light, so it could shine on me

There isn't anyone who can't see the shackles that bind
I don't understand the meaning of being born into this world

I started walking...with a blank look
But right now I still don't know where I am

I kept singing...beyond my voice
I was envisioning the vast sky

Without everything changing, I'm merely watching the passing of time
"I wont give up..." so that I can wake up

*I should take off, with my flapping wings
To the end of endless dreams in this disappearing world

Even if I experience peace from hearing that voice time and time again
"I won't look back..." I can't go back again


Wrapped up in the light I was shown beyond the sky
In this world that descended from nothing, to the continuation of an endless dream

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