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Romaji Title: itoshii hito
Kanji Title: いとしい人
English Title: My Darling

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Douchin Yoshikuni

Sunlight streams through the leaves on the path
Your smile softens
You're chirping like a small bird
My innocent darling

I'll stroke your hair
When you're insecure
Warm yourself with my hand
When you're cold
It's as though your warmth leaves

A gentle breeze blows on me
Your smile is soft
You shake, leaning against a tree in the shade
My sleeply darling

I'll be there for you
When you're lonely
Let's go through this new era close together
It would be nice if you would always walk with me

I know it all
When it comes to love that has ended
Sing me a lullaby, until I stop crying, always
Just like you're whispering into my ear

Chirping in the gentle breeze
Your smile is beautiful
The gentle smell of another person
My easy-going darling

Your singing voice attracts me
Your lovely smile
Oh, you're always smiling
My angel-like darling

(I'll always) love you, yeah
(My) darling
(I'll always) want to walk with you hand in hand, like this

(I'll always) love you, yeah
(My) darling
(I'll always) give you a push when you're worried

(I'll always)
(My) My darling
(I'll always) protect you no matter what

(I'll always) Love you
(My) darling
(I'll always) Take you away, as you put your arms around my shoulders, oh-yes!

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