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Aiuchi Rina


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Lyrics : Rina Aiuchi
Music : Terukado
作詞:Rina Aiuchi

This was the theme song for the 59th Annual Koshien Bowl Championships in 2004. Koshien is the stadium that infamous Osakan baseball team the Hanshin Tigers play at all, and also plays host to a spring and summer set of high school baseball championships, as well as college team championships (which is what the Koshien Bowl is).

Let's go together on any day, let's share together at any time
Let's fall down together sometimes too

Let's laugh, cry, be supportive, and believe in each other

Love-formation, I-formation
No matter what kind of future (we may) get ourselves into, hey! I don't care
Love-formation, I-formation
There's meaning in the days that we run through at our own signal

There is a wall in front of my ideals (a vision), this is harder than I had expected
Your face is lined up in a profile in front of me

I hide the memories of a place that I should still be able to see

Love-formation, I-formation
No matter how we are, we have the fewest problems
Love-formation, I-formation
On our signal, it will change into the strongest courage

10 times! 100 times! 1000 times! You being by my side is an unrivaled feeling

Love-formation, I-formation
No matter what scale we're using to put love together on
Love-formation, You-formation
On our signal, let's jump high

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