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Hikawa Kiyoshi

Romaji Title: hatsu koi ressha
Kanji Title: 初恋列車
English Title: First Love Train

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Satomura Ryuichi
Music : Kitano Akira

If I go on a ship going north
At the last station in Aomori
I can see the city of Hakodate
In ocean mist
I wonder where that girl is
I came on a night train
Because I wanted to see her
When I remembered my first love which the fog hid

The sound of the seagulls crying and flying
Seeps in sadly in the seaside city
I follow the sound of gossip to the city of Tomakomai
I can't go home until I see her
I wonder where she is
The sun sets on the cape again
I wonder if that girl has already forgotten
The first love which broke apart in tears

On the shoreline where the fishing fire sways
I'm moving forward, carrying your shadow
I keep traveling to Kushiro, and Muroran
And I'll keep traveling tomorrow too
I wonder where that girl is
The night train is my temporary home
My first love, which makes me sad
Calls me to the north

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