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Sukima Switch

Romaji Title: view
Kanji Title: view
English Title: view

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Oohashi Takuya & Tokita Shintarou

With this view that I have from my car
There's no difference between the ocean and the sky
The blue continues on for so long that it's irritating
Hey, grasp ahold of the handle
We're going to drive through that tunnel

This is the first time I've come here since that day
The ocean in Yaizu, not Izu
When I'm at home, the stink
Makes my car radio break up
The tunnel is ending again

I believe in "eternal love"
And the truth is that I'm your servant
Sometimes I showed you that
Festive in my kind actions
A vision of the future
In having not noticed it, the thing that was created
Was this you

Hurry and slip out of this darkess, to what's ahead
I've lost interest in remembering your body
Why don't I care about
What's waiting in the future that's opened up before me
Since when have I been this strong?

I can see the exit through a break in the rain
It's like it's drawing in the light
Even though you're 2000 m. away
I definitely didn't forget abotu you
Even though the tunnel is ending

The sun sets before my eyes
I speed up
Let's run away to the ocean
A vision of the future
In having not noticed it, the thing that was broken
Was that person there

Slip out of the darkness
Instead of forgetting about you, yes,
I might as well not let you forget about me
Until you die
That's the answer to this journey
I go just one more time to where you are

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