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Cali Gari

Romaji Title: haikara - satsubatsu - haiso - zessan
Kanji Title: ハイカラ・殺伐・ハイソ・絶賛
English Title: Stylish - Savage - Defeat - High Praise

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Ishii Shuuji 作詞・作曲:石井秀仁

You, you, you, you're going there!
You'll repeat the same tragic event
Confess your love, casually hanging about
"Stylish - Savage - Defeat - High Praise"
Running rampant...........

But, but, but, but you're going!
Over-reaching within your reach
A new regime? A rebel regime?
There are still some left in Shibuya
"Stylish - Savage - Defeat - High Praise"
Running rampant...........

Thick headed, I'm hindered by curiosity
Appeal, weighing opinions
Chatting, enjoying it suspiciously
Ka-boom, it took the form of a crucible

It's something aquired, we won't become a developed country, we're filled with danger
Burnt by reform, falling into the sky
Turned toward this vague age
The true nature of my wretched thoughts
I don't have any hopes, I don't need them, I don't know them
I'm not ushering in the coming years

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