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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: and I love you
Kanji Title: and I love you
English Title: and I love you

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kazutoshi Sakurai
作詞・作曲:Kazutoshi Sakurai

This song was used as a theme for Cup Noodle's "No Border" commercial campaign in 2005.

I can fly, and so can you
So try and spread your wings
Let's go together, go on and get ready
Hey, hurry up
Can you follow me without falling behind?
Both of us play a part that tires us
For you it's being meek, for me it's being kind
Nonetheless, is there a meaning to it all? What do you think?
Do you still want me now?
Can you really say that we didn't meet
Just to hurt one another?
Right now, there is one answer that I know, only one
I love you
and I love you
and I love you

An immature passion, a tomorrow that holds no guarantees
Believing, doubting, even though I stumble
I continue to run today
Will you cross over to yesterday with me?
I can't fly alone anymore
Because you take the weight off of me
It's not awkward now
I can sing it, I can sing it, I can sing it
I love you
and I love you
and I love you

There are times when I can't help suddenly wanting to be alone
I would look at the moon on the rooftop
I know that the more strongly I face my feelings for you, the weaker I become
I can't be honest with myself about it
But the day that you gave up on lying to me pierced me
I felt it coming
And the future gets a step closer, a step closer
To us
I love you
and I love you
and I love you

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