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Cali Gari

Romaji Title: Galaxy
Kanji Title: ギャラクシー
English Title: Galaxy

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Ishii Shuuji 作詞・作曲:石井秀仁

It's bizarre, but sensible
There's nothing for it, I miss it
Here, it's impromptu; I scream "that's it!"
Suddenly, I forget; it's an orgy!

A shrill voice, a yellow ape man
Is this a wild savanna?
Celebrate uselessly!
It's a low tier, low tier, low tier, safari

Counting dreams every night
Shivering often
It's a low tier, low tier, low tier, safarai

Galaxy! To a bizarre shortcut to a means of escape
Galaxy! But it's sensible, within the vortex of applause
Galaxy! Here, it's impromptu; I can't save anything
Galaxy! I scream "that's it!"

What are you looking for? I won't be like that
Being like that for the sake of the world, I don't think that way
I'm greatful to you guys, I start to tumble
I can't see what's ahead, but...

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