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Yoshii Lovinson

Romaji Title: TALI
Kanji Title: TALI
English Title: TALI

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : YOSHII LOVINSON

"Ikuko" is a female Japanese name, of course. I think that Kazuya is married, is this perhaps a song to his wife?

Don't cry forever, I need your love
Don't cry forever, I want your life
Don't cry suddenly, if you are gone
So sad, so sad, baby I love

Sprawled out, making fun of things
Telling lies, straddling
Ascertaining, embracing
Sweating, oversleeping
Dressing up, freezing up
Arriving at the bottom, crashing with a thud
Getting angry, putting away the dishes
Bursting into tears, always together
Let's go to the sea, let's climb a mountain
Let's go see a movie
Ikuko, baby I love
The setting sun makes everything in the room an orange color
The future is vague, but I don't have even one fear
People are futile, you are the only one who believes it
"It was painful" "It was sad"
It's building up, it's building up, baby I love

Suspecting, disputing, getting excited, leaving
The rain falling, cutting hair, being pregnant, always together
Let's go to the store, let's find your dress
It's seems like we're moving houses too quickly
Ikuko, baby I love

That person is a failure, this person is a failure
It's a bucket brigade carrying failure
Hey, isn't that enough?
That's not enough, is it?
Dreams are excessive
Ikuko, baby I love
Let's get married baby, in the future that nobody knows
Even if everything is smashed to bits
But I don't have even one fear
"Forever" is futile, the only one that I love is you
"It was painful" "It was sad"
It's building up, it's building up
Baby I love...

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