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Cali Gari

Romaji Title: Da Dan Di Dan Dan
Kanji Title: ダ・ダン・ディ・ダン・ダン
English Title: Da Dan Di Dan Dan

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Ishii Shuji
Arrangement : Cali Gari and Suzuki Kenichi

We met at what should be a quarter century of ruin
Beat-up me is still getting stronger
The sympathy exceeding the wall of this generation
Is a wonderfully poetic thing... isn't it!

Da dan di dan dan

The heartland welcomes with a cheap peak
A story only exaggerated in two dimensions
Dead flowers with stirred-up passions
Rustling after the festival... again!

Da dan di dan dan

We can't fly to the future
We're waiting for the sky-colored bus
But lost children or anyone else will meet at the terminal
A fascinating song is being sung

A thousand wishes, the transgressions of voices

The mere shedding... a blank mind is a few seconds
The shadow waving its hand... a scar becomes internal

The benefit of intercourse, defying chastity
Breath stops until the start of birth
Drinking filty blood, an ornament of charity
Lukewarm, in the corner of a sunny spot
Shouldn't be in the future, being dragged to this point
Framework of loneliness follows defeat

Da dan di dan dan

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