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Yamamoto Jouji

Romaji Title: Michinoku hitori tabi
Kanji Title: みちのくひとり旅
English Title: Traveling Alone to Michinoku

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Shijou Keiji
Music : Mishima Daisuke


I think "if only we could die here together"
It's pathetic that I rely on my tears
Comforting myself by saying I'll take shelter here
Traveling alone to Michinoku
From behind, a sad voice pulls at my hair
My body blocks off the signpost
As long as I live, someday I'll see you
Even if it's only in my dreams

As I defy the flow of time
I go alone to the inside of my heart
As I whisper "I'm a man"
Traveling alone to Michinoku
Matsushima in the moonlight, fast asleep during a drizzle
Yesterday and tomorrow are different days
But my love grows so much, that it gets furthur away
Only my regrets grow

No matter how bitter I may be
No matter how many lights die out
You are my last woman
You are my last woman
No matter how coldly we part
You are my last woman
No matter how things go
You are my last woman

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