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English Title: CELEBRATION

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Lyrics & Music : HIDE

(So tired)
An inefficient cheap time
I'm never satisfied
A TV show at 3 in the morning
There's sex appeal from your scorning lips (Bitch)

A hyper lady, throwing down her appearances
I'm never satisfied
A celebreation for just 5 minutes
Don't wear off until Friday morning!

Cinderella just past midnight...
I don't need glass slippers

My Pinocchio nose that I pretend to be elite with breaks
And turns to ashes
Clockwork DNA
A Babel of mannequins from 9 to 5

Drag along the annoyed, burning mad sun
And drop it
I'm just about tired of waiting
After I count to three, I'm out of here! (1,2,3, you got it!!)

From New York to my room
Cover me in a black curtain
Velvet night

(Hey!) Celebreation!
Ring a bell! Swing your heart! Sing a song!
(Hey!) Celebreation!
Throw away! Sail away! Shout it out!
(Come on!) Celebreation!
A purple smoke and illusion
Set fire to a limousine!

When the clock struct at the midnight,
the coach turned into a pumpkin
and the dress became a rug!
And only a glass slipper was left behind
Suddenly Cinderella crushed it and
she kicked her fuckin'old stepmother out
And,she started for
the real celebration that would start very soon

The spangled moon is the laughing streets
The final voice doesn't reach me

(Hey!) Celebration
Ring a bell! Swing your heart! Sing a song!
(Hey!) Celebration
Throw away! Sail away! Shout it out!
(Come on!) Celebration
The Wine of blue blood
(Cheers!) Congratulations!
Let it fall throughout the world

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