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Romaji Title: Same Side
Kanji Title: Same Side
English Title: Same Side

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Shou Uesugi
Music : Shou Uesugi & Shibasaki Hiroshi

The sun now dyes everything all throughout the city the color of blood
And the mundane afternoon burns along with my heart

People commit crimes, as though emulating what they see on screen
I pretend to be sad, just as planned

Behind the sun are meteors
Right now I dress in ambiguity, in order to cover my pain

But when the night draws near, things don't go well
With a burned out cord called a lie

I'm tired of being hurt, I'm afraid of hurting others
When I notice that I'm all alone again, the anxious night wears on

It's not an issue of winning or losing in the limited race of life
The things that make your heart burn, you musn't do them for yourself

Same side, same side
You'll make me so happy
Same side, same side, same side

The national border isn't reflected in my eyes the same as the sky is
Until someday when it will disappear within our hearts

Same side, same side, same side
Same side, same side, same side
Time flows on, unchanging

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