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Romaji Title: arigatou no uta
Kanji Title: ありがとうのうた
English Title: Thank You Song

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : A.S.Z.project
Music : Hibino Genki
Arrangement : K-Muto

This is the theme song to TBS variety show "gakkou e ikou!" (Let's Go to School!") which features members of V6. It's also the song featured in the commercial for Kawai Juku's "daigaku juken ka" (Kawai School's "College Entrace Exam Department").

The shape that flowers bud into, or the changing city streets
I never kept these things in mind, I didn't have time to worry about them

I wonder if I was maybe a little tired
Because you were there, I was saved

The words "thank you" are now
Softly enveloping us
It's just a small thing
I've been found

Our gazes meet, we speak
"Thank god that I live today"
I feel this from my heart

Your smile was so important... .

By saying the words "Thank you"
For the first time
Your smile overflows, and your happiness blooms
Thank you, with love

I want you to let me say "thank you"
No matter how many years pass
I will certainly always
Remember today

The words "thank you" are now
Softly enveloping us
It's just a small thing
That I have found

The words "thank you"
Make me just this kind
Smiling, growing old
Let's spend our days together

I've been found...

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