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Utada Hikaru

Romaji Title: COLORS
Kanji Title: COLORS
English Title: COLORS

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics and music by Utada Hikaru
Arrangement by Utada Hikaru and Kawano Kei
作詞:Utada Hikaru
作曲:Utada Hikaru
編曲:Utada Hikaru 河野圭

The English version of this song ("Simple and Clean") was used in the Square Soft/Disney Role Playing Game for the Playstation 2 "Kingdom Hearts".

Being conscious of the illusion that the mirror reflects
I'm picking up speed without thinking about it

When you tell me I can go anywhere
This halfway desire makes signs all gray

The sway of the fire paints dreams tonight
Is your brush dry?

If you can't see the blue sky
Then open a blue umbrella
Who cares? The canvas is all yours
You raise a white flag only when you give up
Now, be like a bullfighter covered in red

Under a flourscent light where colors become dull
I met you on a black and white chessboard

We lean on eachother for a moment
At the same time being indecisive
It's been a month since then
Do you remember?

It was good just watching the orange sunset next to you
But a mouth is the cause of a crisis
You only wear black clothes when you pray to the dead
A remnant of bright red lipstick left there on purpose

If you say that you can only paint pictures without dreams
Then paint over it
The canvas, as many times as you want
You raise a white flag only when you give up
The "me" now, is a color that you can't recognize

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