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Ueto Aya

Romaji Title: MESSAGE
Kanji Title: MESSAGE
English Title: MESSAGE

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Iwasato Yuuho
Music : HAL
Arrangement : Sin

Tomorrow that cannot be seen, can be seen by us
If our connected fingers come apart, it's over
Now, in your hand
There is nothing

In the beginning there are many words
But in the end, it's always "goodbye"

In order to not say that one word
On days we're together, and days we're not
I continued to reach out

Tomorrow that cannot be seen, can be seen by us
The deep blue and honest sky
From here, in your hand
There isn't anything
What am I searching for?
I can't look back at the radiance
In my hand that I hold out
I can't grasp anything

We can't cry about anything yet
I'm leaving because we're just too young

I'm thinking of things that are broken
But my wounded heart isn't weak
The dedication on that day
And the whole hearted feelings
Certainly they made both of hearts stronger

I wonder what it was that you found?
The days that we held on to the same dreams
Without konwing that we go toward different futures
What is it that we believed in?
The days that we were held by the same love
While each of us were secretly praying
For a different happiness

What are we searching for?
The deep blue and honest sky
In my hand that I hold out
I can't grasp anything...

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