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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: TV no singer
Kanji Title: TVのシンガー
English Title: TV Singer

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yoshii Kazuya
Music : Kikuchi Hideaki

The first thing I noticed is that unlike 99.9% of The Yellow Monkey's songs, the music was NOT written by Kazuya! It was written by Kikuchi Hideaki, aka Emma (the band's guitarist). If anyone is wondering what a "by-blow" is, it's a blow dealt by chance. I think what it's referring to, is this "TV Singer" is popular from taking a chance and singing his cliche (smeared with finger prints) songs on TV. Of course "unagi no bori" (spiraling up) refers to his popularity. After the comment about Yoko Ono, "toki wa nagareteru tte" refers to not only time passing, but things changing as well. He's tying it in by basically saying Yoko Ono just isn't as well known as she used to be.

Pure white image, pitch black guts
Riding on EM waves, he took a by-blow
His songs, smeared with finger prints, are causing a rage

What a pretty face, what great style
What excellent popularity
He's spiraling up

A huge car, little balls
I bet he takes drugs
A charisma partner like Yoko Ono
Time is passing

What a natural comment, such a straight forward person
Plus and minus equals zero, a wonderful balance

TV singer, this is reality
Your dreams will be smashed to pieces
Are you lonely? I bet......

His head is full of the same desires
Always, everyday
What should I do to become popular? What should I do to make more money?
If that doesn't work, then it's suicide

TV singer, this is reality
You think too much of your dreams
They are someone else's aspirations

TV singer, isn't it beautiful, isn't it wonderful?
TV singer, let's meet again on the TV screen
Let's meet again, let's meet again
Let's meet again

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