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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: souseiji
Kanji Title: 双生児
English Title: Twins

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yoshii Kazuya
Music : Kikuchi Hideaki & Yoshii Kazuya

Here everything will be decided, I'm so nervous that I can't sleep
I'm parched from being wide awake, tonight I have no confidence

Now between heaven and hell, life and death
I've tried everything; fortune telling, prayers to god, therapy
But he always interrupts me as much as he can at important times

He always appears in my dreams and chokes me
While laughing like a horse, oh! oh!

Have you heard his latest complaint? I could make an idiot saute
Your real nature is lewd, greedy, and a cruel beast
Don't hide it forever
Aren't we siblings? And isn't it wonderful?

Tonight I feel depressed, and I want to talk to the girl that's on my mind
By the sea where there isn't anyone else would be ogod, oh! oh! oh! oh!

Don't say such tiresome things, that kind of attitude won't work, tell her to erect you
Do what's in your imagination, oh! oh! oh! oh!

I want to abide by the rules, I want to break the rules
Left, no right
I'm grown up, I'm a child
I love you, I hate you
You will go mad inside of me

I want peaceful days, no I want more stimulus
Everyone should live in equiality, oh! oh! oh! oh!
That's crap, we're in the age of survival of the fittest
Heaven will punish evil people
Weak people can't survive, oh! oh! oh! oh!

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