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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: I CAN BE SHIT, MAMA
Kanji Title: I CAN BE SHIT, MAMA
English Title: I CAN BE SHIT, MAMA

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics and Music : Yoshii Kazuya

This is quite possibly the most nonsensical song by The Yellow Monkey that I have ever had the pleasure of translating. I know that Kazuya LOVES putting plays on English words in the Japanese language in his songs, but he has reached new heights in this song! He writes (literally) "Akkan bee shita mama", and the title of the song is "I Can Be Shit Mama". So in this case, I chose to translate this line literally as the song title. Though the Japanese meaning is basically the same as the English meaning. I think this is the way Kazuya meant it, anyway. A great deal of this song seems to be about motivation (or lack thereof), and frustration.

Ah, it's a quiet night; I feel the passing of time
I'm speeding until I reach the far side of my heart, flipping a coin
Heads or tails, I suspect I'll know the answer 100 years later
I want to enjoy myself with you, who is bashfully stroking my head

The moon's gaping smile

A man is envious of a story that's too good to be true
He's calmly talked into buying lies many times over, with good money

If there's no hard, then there's no soft
If there's no heavy, then there's no light

I can be shit mama
Wont you dance with me?
I can be shit mama
Let's chase our dreams
I can be shit mama
We won't meet again in this age
So I'm going to tear it to pieces, rip, rip, rip

A golden good for nothing, very splended!! Get up!!

If there's no cool, then there's no hot
If there's no good, then there's no bad

I can be shit mama
Won't you dance with me?
I can be shit mama
Like being unnoticed
I can be shit mama
Kicking this era
I'll protect my pride

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