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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: Song For Night Snails
Kanji Title: Song For Night Snails
English Title: Song For Night Snails

English CreditsKanji Credits
Words & Song: K. YOSHII
Words & Song: K. YOSHII

No matter how many times you read these lyrics, they just aren't going to take on a clear cut meaning. It seems to be nonsense tinged with sexual references to me. If you look at this song, and look at the more current works of The Yellow Monkey, it's amazing to see how much they've changed.

Please yesterday, everyday is enchanting
A pioneer's labyrinth
A strobe light of the future, an upside down baby face
A guidepost, no thanks; I close my eyes with you

Ah, snail job.....

Night snails & plastic boogie
A story of my arms being bound behind my back
Night snails & plastic boogie
Please yesterday
Please yesterday

My wish is that when we hold tight to our secrets, let's start again
Sensational beginners full of mud
Tonight the snails aren't reflected in a mosaic
A spiritual game covered in froth
A roller star of the mind
Stand up invaders!

Night snails & plastic boogie
Half decayed music
Night snails & plastic boogie
People intend to flock
The status of breaking out of my shell
Please yesterday
Please yesterday
Please yesterday

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