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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: murasaki no sora
Kanji Title: 紫の空
English Title: Purple Sky

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Yoshii Kazuya

Let's soar up into the sky, to the other side; don't pay it any mind, you're beautiful
Let's put on blindfolds so we can go on fo however many days
Don't be hasty, let's do it together

Let's soar up into the sky, to the other side; if it makes you feel good, I'll choke you
Your tears are beautiful aren't they?
I want to thurst jeers into your heart
Deeper than a deep kiss

Inside of a red bird cage, let's dance, scattering our feathers
Spinning around like a ballerina
Curious fools are watching us

Bless us, purple sky
Engulf us gently, purple sky

Man, woman, fire, bird, insect, and the autumns atmosphere
They are cheerless, on a rare night full of lust

When they say us, people say that our love is as cheap as 5 pairs of socks for 1000 yen
But I need it from the bottom of my heart
I may be likely to go crazy

Tonight I feel like a gang, with black leather gloves
I play with your breasts
And the sky is pleased

With a tinge of red, purple sky
You look like a pansy, purple sky
Is love a light matter?
Lighter than my feathers?

If you add the purple sky and disorderly reality
And divide by two, how much love
Would be left over?
da-la la, da-la la......

Well, see you later, even if we were just killing time
I'm not kidding you
I really do want to soar up into the sky
To the other side with you
I love you

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