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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: hana fubuki
Kanji Title: 花吹雪
English Title: Falling Cherry Blossoms

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics and Music : Yoshii Kazuya

Wrapped up in a dream, at that mere trivial moment
Your scent is of a shy and graceful flower
Like being cursed, like being posessed by something
Night after night I called your name
Cover my mouth with yours

You're completely covered in the color of cherry blossoms
Just fluttering, dancing, and scattering

Falling cherry blossoms, I walked this path with you in the wind
Falling cherry blossoms, in my heart I feel very ill

I really wish I could talk to you
But it doesn't matter, now I just want to touch you
I forget about hopes and worries
I'm loose
Give yourself to me over and over again

I don't like the asphalt after the rain
Like an erotic scent

Falling cherry blossoms, I laughed along this path with you in the wind
Falling cherry blossoms, my body is ill and slightly dizzy

"I want to die with you", I think that now
I'm buried
In powerful words

Falling cherry blossoms, I parted with you on this path in the wind
Falling cherry blossoms, I try to continue with no one else around
Falling cherry blossoms, I was seeing illusions every day
Falling cherry blossoms, falling cherry blossoms, swim through the wind

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