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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: amai keiken
Kanji Title: 甘い経験
English Title: A Sweet Experience

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics and Music : Yoshii Kazuya

After this song appeared on the "Sicks" album, The Yellow Monkey released a version of this song as a single with English lyrics called "Sugar Fix". This version is much more sexual in content.

The sound of rain goes from soft to hard
The depressing typhoon number 20 is on it's way; hop, hop, skipping hand in hand
With the dilemma of falling in love, you're doing great

Like the feeling of being touched by a patron
Some planned S&M sounds good
Burning more and more under the blazing sun, losing feeling below freezing
You're doing great

The spring has been waiting, confined in nylon material

Sweet experience, sweet baby

I've been waiting for sex like this, it feels great
You're doing great

You were concealed in a wool sweater, and you were sweating

Sweet experience, sweet baby

The rain is getting harder, and you're getting harder too
You and the street are both flooded, I was indulged in youth
la la la la la.....
Sweet experience, sweet baby

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