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Retro G-Style

Romaji Title: owari no melody
Kanji Title: 終わりのメロディー
English Title: The Last Melody

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : MASAYA

The heavy bass buzzing into the worn out microphone that's been shouted into and sounded out
Listen to my rhyme on that fly bass line
It's a rising up night ans we feel allright, yeah right
I don't look at the past, I just worry about your future
I'm not afraid of things that are standing still, we are standing in this place
The piercing rhyme that I fire out is about my new cirumstances
About lying and betraying days without no end...

I had lost a part that I'd grabbed and broken, while walking
Holding onto kindness, and self-confiedence, there is nothing left to the point I lose sight...
There are things that I want, and a great number of stars, the crime commited was very strange
Living while betraying others and envying, without pride
There are signs in the dozing weather outside the window, of the turning point in my life
Even though I can't especially profit from it, I have values of living only with virtue

Always lonely, The memories I hold on to come apart
My prayers will not reach you...

The last melody was sounding out and running down my cheek
Holding your unmoving body
Unaware of the words that I told you
Afterward, I understood the meaning of the love we had thrown away too well

The last melody is here, and it draws near; by myself, I'm pretty lonely, our story is spinning
What I held onto was crushed, I held you honey, even though I reached out my hand
heavy move with this sound so fly, it's us and bust rhyme R.G. Style
It breaks and scatters, I bust gas, an explosion, I vaguely hold on to amibition, hastily
The ending is the beginning, great preperation
I'll be awake from now on, look everyone, at the miracle; leaving tracks behind, everyone grab onto your
Come and get some in your memory, yeah, last melody

Always lonely, my desire is painful and heavy
My prayers have not yet gone away...

I sing the last melody
I embraced the tears that had flowed, but now disappear
The bonds that I grew used to, and the feel of the wounds
Are impressed deeply upon you, your crimes are frozen into your tracks

What is left of my mood is shaken while I dream
In the very midst of reality and illusion, there's nothing left, to the point that I lose sight...

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