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Romaji Title: eriashi
Kanji Title: えりあし
English Title: Nape Of Your Neck

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : AIKO

I'm sorry for goofing around
It wasn't a nice thing to do
Hey, I'm sorry for my fake tears
I wanted to see your worried expression

Your back is turned far away from me
In the end I realize that it's something stupid

Time passes, and I can walk even with my eyes closed
On my journey
My thoughts, contrary to the seasons, continue
Even now, I love you

With a straightforward gentleness
I said that my heart aches
In your shining hopes
It's become difficult to breathe

Hey, even if I'm like this from now on
I'll hold on to my unchanging feelings

Time passes, and I can walk even with my eyes closed
On my journey
Even if we leave each other, even if it's far away
You'll still be in my mind, only you

When I find you 5 years later
I'll straighten up, and give you a shout
I haven't forgotten even one thing
The nape of your neck, stretched out a little
And your awkward smile

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