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Kanji Name:キグルミ
Members:Miki, Kei
Age:Miki - 06/04/1996, Kei - 05/20/2000

Kigurumi is named such because they wear kigurumi (the Japanese name for full body costumes that a mascot might dress in, for example) on their heads.

This group was formed in order to record a song for the pasta sauce "Tarako" by Kewpie, to be used in a commercial. Auditions were held, and two girls were chosen. The two original girls who made up Kigurumi were named Haruka and Rena.

After the release of two singles, Haruka would leave the group on 06/30/2007. The reason for her leaving was citied as being unable to manage her studies and keeping her health up, as well as activities with Kigurumi.

There were plans to continue on with Kigurumi as a solo act with only Rena as of 07/01/2007. However on 07/13/2007 a new version of Kigurumi was formed with existing member Rena and Shimizu Michiko, called Kigurumichiko (only one single would be released under this name). This group was formed to commemorate the fifth year of broadcast for the TV Asahi anime "atashinchi", and was used as the anime's ending song for a time.

An album to commemorate the "old" Kigurumi would be released on 09/19/2007. Before this album could even be released though, a auditions were already being held to find two new members of Kigurumi. Miki and Kei would be the two girls selected on 11/07/2007. They would work together with Rena until 04/25/2008, when Rena announced that she too would leave the group.

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