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Kahala Tomomi

Kanji Name:華原朋美

Kahala became popular as an Avex artist who was produced by famed producer/song writer Komuro Tetsuya (TK) in the 90's, which at that time meant a nearly instant ticket to popularity. True to formula, she was popular throughout most of the 90's. The sales of some of her singles would even rival (and sometimes surpass) fellow TK produced star at that time, Amuro Namie.

Kahala and Komuro even dated for a few years (before Komuro married Keiko, vocalist of Globe). This relationship appeared in all of the Japanese tabloids. Stories would claim that they were taking drugs together, and that their relationship was falling apart.

Soon after these reports came about, the two would break their relationship off. Between this and the slow decline in sales of her music (this was around the time that TK's empire began to fall apart), Kahala made several suicide attempts. Due to the nature of the Japanese media, this cast a very bad light on her career. In 1999 Kahala would leave Avex and continue her career with Warner, writing her own lyrics. At this time, it was rumored that Avex act Suzuki Ami had come in to be her replacement.

After continuing her career under several different successful producers, Kahala would sign with Universal Music Japan in 2004. Some would say at this point that she would produce her best vocal performances yet. She would perform self-covers of some of her past songs, and record many new ones as well. In 2006 she would actually begin appearing (though briefly) on some Japanese music programs again.

In 2007, everything collapsed for Kahala. She was fired by her talent agency after several personal problems that were affecting her image (including excessive drinking in public). This would also result in her music career being put on hold, which it has been ever since.

There was a report on January 17 2009 that Kahala was admitted to a hospital because of excessive use of tranquilizers.

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