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Kanji Name:ギルガメシュ
Members:Satoshi (Vocals), Nii (Guitar), Shuu (Bass), Ryo (Drums)
Age:Satoshi - 10/13/1984, Nii - 07/22/1984, Shuu - 12/26/1984, Ryo - 09/20/1986

The group also often writes their name as "Girugamesh".

The group was first formed in 2003, formed by high school friends Shuu and Nii. The group's vocalist back then was Cyrien (to be replaced by Satoshi once they started doing more performing in 2004), and there was also an additional guitarist named Hotaru.

Gilgamesh has also had great success in being distributed outside of Japan. In 2007 they were signed to a European label called Gan-Shin. They also participated in the J-Rock Revolution event that was held in Los Angeles, landing some of their material in the US iTunes store. A US debut album was also announced, being sold exclusively at Hot Topic stores.

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