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Luke Takamura

Kanji Name:ルーク篁

Takamura began his musical career as a guitarist in the famous rock group Seikima II, who broke up in 1999

(though they would do a short reunion tour in 2005, which Takamura would rejoin the group for), under the name Sgt. Luke Takamura III. His nicknames included "Seikima II no aoi inazuma" ("Seikima II's Blue Lightning") and "san sei" ("The third").

In 1991 Takamura would release some solo music, lasting until 1993. He released 2 albums (1 studio and 1 live).

In 1995 he would participante in a group called KINGS with Aoki Shuuichi of NIGHT HAWKS, and former X (X-Japan) member/current Loudness member Sawada Taiji. They would release a single album.

After Seikima II's breakup in 1999, Takamura would release an instrumental solo album under the name TOYO
(Totally Oval Yellow Outbreak) in 2001.

In 2002, Takamura would join a group called CANTA (which he is currently still active with) as a guitarist/vocalist. He formed this group with Raiden Yuzawa (RX, ex. Seikima II) and MASAKI (Animetal, ex. JACKS'N' JOKER).

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