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Pizzicato Five

Members:Konishi Yasuharu (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals, Male), Nomiya Maki (Vocals, Female)
Sex:Male and Female

Though when this group dissolved in 2001 they were only the duo listed above, they had a revolving lineup throughout the years that they were together. They were known for spearheading the "Shibuya kei" style of music in the 1990s.

The group's debut lineup consisted of:
Konishi Yasuharu (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals), Takanami Keitarou (Guitar, Vocals), Kamomiya Ryou (Keyboards), Sasaki Mamiko (Vocals), Miyata Shigeo. Though Miyata left the group almost immediately after their debut, they decided to keep the name Pizzicato Five.

The group's first album was not a big seller, so their label pressured the group to replace Sasaki Mamiko as the lead vocalist. Sasaki and Kamomiya left the group in 1987, as a result of this. Tajima Takao would join as the group's new lead vocalist immediately afterward.

Even with Takao at the front, Pizzicato Five's albums were not selling well. In 1990 Takao would leave the group to work with his own band "Original Love". Nomiya Maki would join the group as the new lead vocalist afterward. This is the point at which Pizzicato Five's career would take off, and their albums would finally start selling. Nomiya's vocals are also what would make them front runners in the "Shibuya kei" music scene.

This group would make their American debut in 1994. Several albums were released in the US under their name.

Later that year Takanami would leave the group, leaving only Nomiya and Konishi.

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