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Seikima II

Kanji Name:聖飢魔II
Members:Demon Kogure (Vocals), Ace Shimizu (Guitar), Sgt. Luke Takamura III (Guitar), Xenon Ishikawa (Bass), Raiden Yuzawa (Drums)

The name of this group is actually pronounced "Seikimatsu" (the "two" becoming "tsu"), which means "End of the Century". Seikima II claimed that they were demons, sent to earth in order to bring the devil's message through heavy metal. The leader, Demon Kogure (who has, since the debut of this group, become famous himself) was the leader of all demons, and Damian Hamada the crown-prince of all Hell (he is also the member who formed the band). Even at the formation of the group, they said that they would breakup at the end of the year 1999, at which time they claimed the world would end. Sure enough, they did break up, though the world did not end! They have since had a reunion, though they did not really reform the group. Demon Kogure would go on to pursue a solo career after the group was dissolved, both under the name "Demon Kogure Kakka", and one album as "Exclamation". Throughout the group's history, there were also a few member replacements (though all of the original members would return for the reunion in 2005).

kemono tachi no hakabaEnglishRomajiKanji
LOVE != defence of your complexEnglishRomajiKanji
seigi no tame niEnglishRomajiKanji

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