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Crystal King

Members:Musshu Yoshizaki (Vocals), Yamashita Michio (Guitar), Nomoto Hidetoshi (Bass), Nakamura Kimiharu (Piano), Ima Kiire Hiromi (Keyboards), Kanefuku Ken (Drums)

This rock band ("Kurikin" for short) is probably best known for their performance of "ai wo torimodose!", made popular as the opening theme for the classic anime "hokuto no ken" ("Fist of the North Star"). Though this group was started with Musshu Yoshizaki as the only vocalist, the group became one with twin vocalists in 1975, when Tanaka Masayuki was inducted in. Tanaka withdrew from the group in 1986, though he returned to the group for a time in the '90s, and once again left the group. The group is still currently active (though their new releases are very infrequent) with Yoshizaki as the sole vocalist.

Former members of the group include:
Tanaka Masayuki (Vocals), Omachi Hideshi (Bass), Takagi Kazuyoshi (Drums), Takaoka Jouji (Drums), Fukuda Shouichirou (Guitar), Hata Yoshiki (Bass, Programming), Uchida Shouji (Vocals, was the second vocalist from 1998-2002)

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