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Razor Ramon HG


Razor Ramon HG (HG being short for "Hard Gay") is a comedian. But like most comedians in Japan nowadays, he also has a CD single out. HG's entire routine is based around pretending to be a gay guy who constantly thrusts his crotch around. His gag phrases include adding "fuu!" to the end of everything, "pacchikoi", and "sei sei".

He was featured as a guest on many different comedic and variety shows, most noteably "baskushou mondai no bakuten", where he got his real "start".

In 2006, Hard Gay married (yes, he got married to a woman, he's isn't really gay). Most consider this to mark what is basically the end of his career as a comedian, since most of the time fad comedians do not retain their popularity for more than a year in Japan anyway.

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