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Kanji Name:つんく♂
Age:birthdate: 10/29/1968

Bloodtype: B
Tsunku was first made famous for being the frontman for 90's rock group Sharan Q. In 1997, he decided to audition a female vocalist to join the band. He did this through a series of televised auditions, and found a winner: Heike Michiyo. However, he saw some sort of potential in the other five finalists who did not win. He made a challenge to them: If they could sell 50,000 singles in four days, he would sign and produce them. They ended up doing it, so Morning Musume was born. Tsunku masterminds the entire Hello! Project group, writes songs for other artists (some of those artists of note have been TOKIO and Sonim), as well as writes songs for himself ocassionally. He has also hosted popular music show Pop Jam with talent Yuuka.

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