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JAM Project

Members:Kageyama Hironobu, Endou Masaaki, Kitadani Hiroshi, Okui Masami, Fukuyama Yoshiki
Sex:Male and Female

This group was founded by Mizuki Ichirou (who is still an ocassional contributor), who formed the group because he didn't like the current trend of using J-pop groups/artists songs as themes for anime and video games, when they weren't even especially written for that anime/game. He wanted to form a group that composed real anime/game music, hence JAM Project. This group is composed of many artists who are well known for composing and performing anime music already. Heavy metal superstar Sakamoto Eizo also makes ocassional contributions to the group (he's well known as the vocalist for heavy metal group Anthem, as well as heavy-metal anime cover band Animetal). Matsumoto Rica was also a member of the group from its formation until around 2009. At that point she decided to become an occasional contributor in order to focus on her non-music life.

BIG BANG EXPLOSION -Song for Ragnarok Party-EnglishRomajiKanji
Break OutEnglishRomajiKanji
Crest of "Z's"EnglishRomajiKanji
FOREVER & EVEREnglishRomajiKanji
kurenai no kibaEnglishRomajiKanji

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Yoshii Kazuya - bakka PV

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RSP - Lifetime Respect -Onna Version- PV
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